Over many years we have created significant value from regenerating our own existing brownfield and greenfield sites by obtaining planning consent for residential and mixed use development.



Our experience of obtaining planning consent for residential and mixed use developments means we have developed a good understanding of the complexities and requirements of taking challenging sites through the planning process and working with landowners, house builders and the public sector.

This has led to the creation of a sustainable land promotion business which secures maximum value for landowners working with local communities and local authorities over the long term.

Blue Mantle Property

We play a unique role in providing a service to our landowners and by working in partnership, we help optimise the value of land assets by securing planning permission for residential development and managing the onward sale to a housebuilder.

Because we have carried out this process successfully on our own land many times, we understand the importance of thinking through all the intricacies of a site up front to ensure the maximum realisable value is obtained over the most appropriate timescale.

We are passionate about maximising value for our landowners and also about sustainable development and will invest significant expenditure on the right sites up front including planning research, site investigations and specialist studies. We are also capable of investing in infrastructure and land remediation where required if this will enhance the end value of a site.

Over time, we have worked with a variety of landowners (including families, farmers, businesses, local authorities, landed estates and the NHS) and we recognise the importance of tailoring each partnership to different needs and requirements. 

If you are a landowner who wishes to work with a successful and innovative partner who understands how to maximise the value of your land then please get in touch.